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  1. A New Birth

    2024-02-20 15:12:24 UTC
    Going into the shoot on a bright sunny day was exciting. I didn’t really know what to expect, even when I pulled up to the entrance, realizing I don’t even know WHO to expect 😂 When Glen came out, he had such a bright and inviting energy that I felt…

  2. “Empowered”

    2022-09-19 16:23:58 UTC
    “I remember being so excited to shoot with glen, his work is amazing and always has inspired me. I was really looking forward to this day!” ~ Janaina “During the shoot things seemed to flow smoothly and I felt so empowered and comfortable to be myself and just allowed my

  3. “Creation and growth”

    2022-08-28 19:33:50 UTC
    “I have been modeling for three years now. Modeling is never something I planned on doing but something I absolutely fell in love with. Being able to create with like minded individuals on bringing a particular vision to life is an unbeatable experience . Although, being in such a cut…

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