Finding Truth - Blog

  1. “Empowered”

    19 Sep 2022
    “I remember being so excited to shoot with glen, his work is amazing and always has inspired me. I was really looking forward to this day!” ~ Janaina “During the shoot things seemed to flow smoothly and I felt so empowered and comfortable to be myself and just allowed my

  2. “Creation and growth”

    28 Aug 2022
    “I have been modeling for three years now. Modeling is never something I planned on doing but something I absolutely fell in love with. Being able to create with like minded individuals on bringing a particular vision to life is an unbeatable experience . Although, being in such a cut…


    29 May 2022
    “Today I woke up in Los Angeles, USA. It’s a long shot from starving in a refugee camp in Kenya to becoming a model. It feels like I am day dreaming, like I used to when I was a child whenever I watched American films. When my family and I…

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